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Imaging technologies are used for better diagnosis and treatment by creating detailed images of the heart of internal body structures. Under these technologies, doctors use x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic field and computer software to do the job. A contrast agent is needed in some imaging techniques while high-frequency sound waves are used in other tests, such as ultrasound, for clarity and better results. Advanced Imaging is totally digital where no processing is needed of a film. These techniques bring better resolution and superior diagnostic flexibility with scan review and reporting faster than earlier. For doctors, it will now be easy to move through 3D images of the body and get a complete picture of the body areas.

The department of Advanced Imaging at Asian Vivekanand Hospital

The department of Advanced Imaging at Vivekanand Hospital is engaged in clinical analysis and medical intervention through creation of visual representations of the interior of the body. The department is helped by advanced medical imagining techniques to get detailed visual representations of body organs and tissues. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases is done using medical imaging that helps bring clear visual depictions of internal body parts or structures hidden by the skin and bone.

Advanced Imaging Techniques at Asian Vivekanand Hospital    

At Asian Vivekanand Hospital, we leverage the rapid advancements in imaging technique to deliver world-class patient care, and also to meet our cutting-edge research targets. Together with using plain radiographs, our doctors use new imaging techniques to treat patients with clarity and precision using computer and its accompanied technology. We benefit from the most up-to-date equipment to get great results with the visualization of disease processes in the body. We rely on foremost technological pieces of Computed Tomography (CT) to get the maximum out of the medical imagining landscape. They help get the thorough and detailed images of the human anatomy i.e. CT.

Advanced imagining equipment at Asian Vivekanand Hospital   

At Asian Vivekanand Hospital, we consistently strive to deliver world-class treatment and patient care. The hospital is equipped with a wide range of advanced imaging equipment for diagnosis of complex of diseases and ailments. Our equipment include –

CT Scans

Computed Tomography (CT) scan or CAT scan is to get image data using a limited beam. A computer is then used to integrate the data and fetch the cross sectional images of the body organs and tissues.


IVP or Intravenous Pyelography is an x-ray examination of different body parts such as the urinary bladder, ureters and kidneys. In this study, the quality of x-ray image is boosted with the use a contrast material.


Ultrasound imaging uses high frequency sound waves to get images from within the human body. This method does not use radiation. This is why, it’s considered very helpful in examining internal organs such as liver, kidneys, testicles etc.


Physicians use x-ray or radiography to view broken bones in a simple and quick manner. X-ray images are done for the spine, skull etc. With x-ray, the body gets exposed to a minute dose of radiation to get images of the internal organs.

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